Because you are an employee of Wisconsin Electric Power Company or Wisconsin Gas LLC, you are automatically a member of the Employees' Mutual Benefit Association (EMBA). One of the benefits the association offers its full-time members is short-term disability insurance (STDI). When an illness or accident keeps you away from work for an extended time, your focus should be recuperation -- not concern about paying your bills. STDI can offset part of the financial strain you may face. STDI pays a daily disability benefit up to $40, which can help you keep financial control of your situation until you return to work. Monthly premiums are based on your job classification and age group.

Enrolment Steps: Call the EMBA, +1 (414) 221-3392 or +1 (414) 221-4340, to obtain an application and rate sheet or download from this site. Complete the forms, including medical history, and return to the EMBA Office, P244.

Medical underwriter reviews applications.
The plan goes into effect upon approval (typically three to four weeks from the application).
Payroll is notified to begin deduction.
The policy is mailed to the applicant.

NOTE: If a rider is added to the policy by the underwriter, the applicant is notified of the condition, the rider must be signed and returned before the policy can go into effect. Upon acceptance, you will receive a policy from the EMBA. You can download a new application, change of name or beneficiary form, or read the policy. See Policy Forms

Questions and Answers About STDI

Who Is Eligible for STDI?
Any full-time employee of Wisconsin Electric Power Co. or Wisconsin Gas LLC.

What Is the Purpose of STDI?
The primary purpose is to provide a partial pay replacement when a member is unable to perform the duties of his or her job. As a short-term disability plan, this is critical to those who have limited sick time allowance or limited vacation eligibility.

When Are Benefits Paid?
The policy pays benefits if you can't work (do your job or any other job) due to injury or sickness. The policy also may pay benefits if you can only work part-time when you return to work. In either case, you must meet all policy rules to qualify. Disability benefits will be paid for a maximum of 365 days in any 24-month period. The policy automatically cancels after the maximum benefit is reached. If you suffer certain losses due to injury, including loss of life, the policy will pay a lump sum amount, based on the extent of the loss.

When Are Benefits Not Paid?
No benefits are paid for the following reasons:
Hurt yourself. Put yourself in danger. Unable to work due to substance abuse Take part in illegal acts or crime. Injury or sickness caused by war. Optional time off such as family medical leave to care for a family member Optional time off for extended maternity leave
See Policy Part 3, Exclusions and Limitations also.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost varies according to occupation and age. Monthly premiums range from about $13.81 to $95.62 per month. Premiums increase when you reach a higher age bracket (40, 50, and 60). Premium rate tables can change at any time, but they only change by class and not individual policies. Rates do not change based on health status or previous claim filings. You can obtain current monthly premium rates by calling the EMBA office at +1 (414) 221-3392 or +1 (414) 221-4340, or drop into the office at P244, PSB Building, to pick one up.

When Does Coverage End?
Coverage ends when you: cancel it, reach age 70, retire or cease to be an association member; fail to pay a premium in the allowed time, or you receive the maximum benefits (365 days within any 24-month period) or falsify an application or claim.

How Do I File a Claim?
Promptly call the EMBA office and request claim forms within 20 days of your first occurrence, or email EMBA-STDI-Claims@we-energies.com Fill out the claim forms, which include an application for benefits and a form for your doctor. Promptly return the forms to EMBA, P244. You MUST see your doctor when the claim period begins and then every 30 days after that if the claim period continues depending on your condition.

Where Can I Get More Information?
Call the EMBA office at +1 (414) 221-4340 or +1 (414)221-3392, or email EMBA-STDI-Claims@we-energies, or joann.haack@we-energies.com, or tim.smith@we-energies.com