E.M.B.A. Emergency Fund


The E.M.B.A. Emergency Fund if fully funded by donations from employees of We Energies to assist employees who may have fallen on hard times. The EMBA offers interest free loans, and sometimes grants depending on the case. The fund is run completely through the E.M.B.A. Office, and is strictly confidential.

Full- time regular employees of We Energies are eligible to apply. Initial requests should be made to the Secretary Joseph Kopinski via email,  joe.kopinski @we-energies.com, in writing or by telephone to 414-221-2706 explaining the nature of your emergency and how your situation came about. The keyword  is "emergency".  Each case is taken to the Executive Committee of the E.M.B.A. and is decided on a case by case basis.

There is a criteria sheet which has to be followed when applying for assistance, beginning with contacting the E.M.B.A. office first. You will be sent a Criteria sheet, and in most cases you may be referred to Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Milwaukee, which the E.M.B.A. pays for.